Korpus 18

KORPUS 18 is a Soviet era apartment block built in 1981 in Tbilisi. The building was the first of several dozens to be finished in the area in the early 1980s. Korpus 18 is a 9-floor concrete housing complex with 7 staircases, each leading to 18 apartments, it is home to 126 families. In 2011, Uta Beyer portrayed 18 families in KORPUS 18, 30 years after its construction. The aim is to look beyond the decaying facades, the concrete anonymity, the neglected public spaces of the building, and to explore the private spaces, the hidden. In a broader sense, she investigates the existential and universal human concepts of home and belonging, and searches for the elements that make ‘a home’ and are recognisable as ‘home’ beyond culture and history.


Installation Views
Museum of European Cultures, Berlin

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