Updates on Recent Work

Freelancing, Work December 2, 2014

I just wanted to let you all now what I’m working on at the moment. I finished some freelancing projects that I will write more about here shortly. I also traveled to Berlin recently to visit my sister and also to take some photographs there. Unfortunately the weather was pretty ugly though and we had to stay indoors most of the time. We explored some amazing new vegan restaurants on our trip though. I will write about them in an upcoming post as well. Things I plan on in the next months are:

  • Write more and blog more as well.
  • Take more pictures and try out some of the new filters I bought for Lightroom recently.
  • Start to draw and paint again, even if it’s just in a small notebook.

I hope I will be able do all those things more frequently in the upcoming months. I will let you know on some future updates here on the blog.

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